The year 2023 was marked by Transformation and Renewal. Many people found their salvation in Jesus Christ as their Lord and Savior. 2023 witnessed the highest number of baptisms ever. We launched the FastTrack leadership training program and various other groups to foster stronger communities in 2023. Now, 2024 begins with a single word: More.

Some may associate the word “More” with wealth and abundance. This is likely not God’s primary intention for 2024. Of course, the Lord desires us to prosper as our soul prospers. But 2024 will be a year of “Serving Others” and seeing God’s hand move in their lives.

What does “More” entail? More could mean freedom for those who are in bondage. More could mean support for another church that needs inspiration and assistance. More could mean more people encountering Jesus for the first time. More could mean a thriving and robust community of believers. More could mean expanding the Kingdom of God into new areas of influence.

2024 is the season to prioritize the Kingdom. God has amazing things in store for 2024. Join us as we pursue God for More in 2024.


Since 2017, Abundant Life has been reaching our world with the love of Jesus Christ one device at a time through YouTube and Facebook.

We live stream Sunday mornings at 10:30 AM ATL or 9:30 AM ET.

Our previous live streams remain on YouTube for you to check out, to learn from and be inspired. If you have any questions, please click the “Live Streaming” button below.

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There are always lots of events happening at Abundant Life. We hope this website will help you keep up to date with what is happening.

We also have lots of opportunities for you to be a blessing to those around you and your community. If you want to get more involved at Abundant Life, we can certainly find a place for you to serve.

At Abundant Life Victory Church, we want to Re-Present our Lord to a world that needs as much hope and inspiration as they can get. Come along with us as we fulfil the Great Commission and see lives changed.

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Abundant Life Victory Church meets every Sunday at 10:30 AM at 54 Dunromin Avenue, Bible Hill Nova Scotia.

We meet every Tuesday mornings and evenings at 6:00 AM and 6:00 PM

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