2022: The Year of Breakout

At My Abundant Life, we believe that everyone who seeks an answer should be provided with one where possible. Whatever stage we find ourselves, we should be able to ask. Will we have all the answers? We would like to. But we believe that we might not. After all, we are an imperfect people seeking after a Perfect God.  But we can at least partner together on this ride we call Life and seek God together, where ever we are.


Coming August 8 to 12, 2022

Food Truck Party


L is for Live Stream

This section is designed to give people a Live Streaming go-to option versus YouTube, Facebook and Periscope. Our hope is to provide our viewers with a consistent online viewing experience as well as provide previous Live Streaming services as well.

Live Streaming


F is for Explorer

This section is designed for those who are currently attending Abundant Life Victory Church. The purpose of this section is to be a go-to spot for everything church-related. We hope to keep everyone updated with the latest information and opportunities.



E is for Explorer

In this section, you will find information for those new to, or inquiring about Christianity and information regarding what your visit to Abundant Life Victory Church might look like. We all have to start somewhere. We hope this section starts you off right.


We know that there should be a place for everyone to start. We have built this idea into this website. Please feel free to look around and let us know how we can help you.