Fasting for Spiritual Growth and Church Growth

Fasting, along with prayer, is powerful. When we cannot seem to breakthrough with our daily prayers, fasting adds an extra dynamic that breaks through and sees things manifest from the spiritual realm to the natural realm.

Here are three downloadable PDF resources for you to learn from and improve your prayer times.

The Fasting Handout

This PDF contains information on the following:

  • Bible Reading Plan
  • Time Alone with God
  • Items to Pray Over
  • What is a Daniel Fast
  • Suggested Reading Material

Fasting 101

This PDF covers some information you should know before you fast:

  • Fasting 101 Q&A and FYI
  • A few more “FYI’s”
  • Breaking the Fast

Types of Fasting

A basic look at the various types of fasts.  This PDF covers the following:

  • Full Fast
  • Juice Fast
  • Partial Fast
  • And some Word on fasting


For more information about prayer and fasting, and Victory Churches Canada, you can visit their Facebook Page.