2022 The Year Of Breakout!

At My Abundant Life, we believe that everyone who seeks an answer should be provided with one where possible.
Whatever stage we find ourselves, we should be able to ask. Will we have all the answers? We would like to.
But we believe that we might not. After all, we are an imperfect people seeking after a Perfect God.
But we can at least partner together on this ride we call Life and seek God together, where ever we are.

Abundant Life - Are you looking?

Welcome to the Abundant Life family. As we continue to grow, we want to make sure that everyone feels connected and gets all the help they need with their fresh start. There will be challenges all along the way. God has not called us to an easy life, but to a life where God walks with us all along the way. After all, we are imperfect people following a Perfect Good God.

Please remember that everyone plays an important part in the Body of Christ. We are all bricks coming together to form the Church. Let us embrace those things that build up the Body and work together for the Glory of the Lord. God bless you.